Tiny Pic stuff
Motivated by a question on FWF

You have a graphic image on your computer that you'd like to post to a discussion forum.

  1. Go to http://tinypic.com
  2. Choose and find the image on your computer (like so):

  3. Click on:   UPLOAD NOW!.
    Your image is now on the tinypic computer and the URL of that image is displayed (like so):

  4. Drag your mouse across the last URL. In this case, it's:
    Copy and Paste this into your browser address window to see your image (which is now on the tinypic computer), namely:
  5. To display your image on a message board or discussion forum, Copy and Paste this one:
    The image will be part of your post on that forum.
  6. Pray.

Picnik stuff

It may be that the image you wish to post is too large, too small, lousy colours, upside down ... whatever.
You can use Picnik, like so:

  1. Go to http://www.picnik.com/
  2. Click on the magic button to get started:
  3. Select the "Home" tab (if'n it ain't already selected) the click "Upload a photo":
  4. You then look around your computer to find the image you wish to upload.

  5. You can then rotate, crop , resize, etc. etc. When you're done, you can Save it to your computer once more.

    Note: You may want to give it a new name to distinguish it from the "original" image: