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Stuff I larned 'bout the iPad

Stuff I larned 'bout Android 4

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Gravity and near-earth trajectories

Colours Colors

Some short-short stories

google maps & your location

Horse races: betting strategies

Losing weight (revisited)

Ichimoku (?)

Mortgages, eh?

Who's MIRR?

IRR (revisited)

from Open to High

Flight levels, eh?

the Blake Ritual

What's Bit Torrent?

Stock drops at the Open

Stock Tracking

Darvas Boxes

Back to the Future

Put your $$$ under the pillow (?)

Monthly returns

Cdn mutual funds

OLED stuff

Milankovitch cycles

a Time Machine

VDX (again!)

moving CAGR

Earthquake measurements (?)

Searching for BIG gains.

Searching for stock patterns, eh?

Stock down, then up, then ...

As January goes ...

Jensen's alpha

Avatar: the movie

A stock screener (sorta)

Computers, eh?

Volume of Trades (?)

Mutual Fund data, eh?

How do investors think?

Stock Indexes

Photons, eh?


Irrational Decisions

Lithium, eh?

Distribution of monthly returns (maybe)

the Central Limit Theorem

Levy: another distribution

Make your own Index

Portfolio contests


the B-2 bomber

Create a BLOG

Ellipses and Stocks

The Banff Ground Squirrel

Weight Loss: some theory

Guess the Stock Price

TFSA accounts

sparkline charts

King of Pop

Macro Stuff


Peak Oil

Best Countries to Live In

Logistic Growth

Weight Loss & Body Fat

Pandemic analysis

Wolfram | Alpha

about Swine Flu

the Gospel of the Nazerines

a gaggle of Charts

about Stem Cells

Losing Weight (maybe)

Chicken Pad Thai

Jamie Pugh

Susan Boyle

Curvature, eh?

about Homemade Videos

about computers & computing

the Duffing Oscillator

about the cost of living

tracking your expenses

Buy or Rent?

a Portfolio Tracker

on Tossing Coins

Pensions & Annuities

about Geomagnetic Storms

Airplane "lift"

Consumer Price Index

the Rule-of-72

on Saving for Retirement

R U Smarter than a 4th grader?

about Surfboards


When is Easter?

about Blood Sugar

Theory of Everything

World Facts


about quacks and ignorance


about Funny Functions

about Emptying a container

Bead sliding down a wire


about Direction >Fields

about Teaching Math

about Plotting curves

our Praiano diary

about Differentials

a ledger

about Blogs

about the Moon

about Optical Discs

about Ribbon Campaigns

WW2 stuff

about SuDokus

about RSS feeds

How many files?

about the new Trig

about Evolution

about setting GOALS

Deja Vu

about Healthcare

more Healthcare
more stuff
Our GRANDkids
How y'all doin'?
Our grandson, Cooper
Cute, eh?
grandgal, Heidi
Hi everybuddy
grandson, Ty
I'm growin'
Jack, born Jan 3/03
gettin' bigger
Anna, born Mar 19/03
brand new
Kate, born Oct 18/05

GRAND kids!

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International news

URL extensions

by Gordon Sinclair

who are they?


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Today's Goff cartoon

Darwin Awards

Spoof News

Aljazeera cartoons

a few Flags

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Assets? What assets?
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S&P 500 Stocks
as of Feb/04

World Market Indices
Market Indices

Mamma mia!
After a BAD year ... what?

for Excel (and some stuff for Mathies)
Bottom Fishin'?
the DOW
Last Five Days: graphs
Chart your stocks
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Ballpark estimates!
... hardly investments, eh?
Wanna corvette?
Investor Links, what else?
Everything y'all wanted to know 'bout Hi Tech
Commit to memory!
Do you live by them?
Get wealthy!
Poor Joe :^(
Need new glasses?
Short reads

A simple
Java Script Calculator

a Gulf War  

Older Stuff

about M-theory
the Big Bang

the best medicine

Mother's Day

John Paul

about PC stuff

English, eh?
whatta language!

about Tectonics

about TV stuff

just Thoughts

Unit Conversions

about Liberals & Conservatives

Election stuff

about Election Polls

about Yahoo maps

about the Hutchison Effect

about DWFTTW

about Google Searches

Happy Birthday


about Pixels

just the Facts

about the Gospels

Poetry and the Market

about Glycemic stuff

about cinammon & diabetes

Weapons of Math Instruction

about the U.S. Debt

Our Wives

about Thanksgiving

Read This Book

our Shame




a Card Trick

Market gettin' y'all down?

a Lord's Lament

a Browser test

about Critters

about HTML

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