Elephant Head Lodge
Kevin, a Shoshone friend of mine, and his wife Debbie, have this neato lodge and I thought others might enjoy the wildlife, atmosphere, rustic setting ...

>So where is it?
Just East of Yellowstone National Park. It's called Elephant Head Lodge.                  

>Elephant Head? Why Elephant Head?
There's this neat rock formation:

Once upon a time a package arrives at our door.
"I can't imagine who it's from," I say.
"Well, it ain't ticking," says the courier.
Heidi and I carefully open the package.
It's an arrow, made by Kevin (one talented fella).
He made it in the traditional way, with homemade hide glue, sinew wraps holding the fletching and stone point, rose wood shaft, stone point ... and we I hung it here, just below a painting of mine.

>Don't them owls mean something special to the Shoshone?
Yes, so I painted this for Kevin.

>I like the arrow better.

Kevin has some neat pictures taken around the Lodge, here