Creating your own blog
Go to:

... and get yourself a BLOG:

To get pictures on your new BLOG, go to

If you want to post the picture on a discussion forum (like,
then select (and paste to the forum) the [IMG] format.

Remember the name of your tinypic image
... or Copy it, ready to Paste to your new Blog.

After you "Publish" your post, your BLOG will have the Internet URL (in the above example):

... assuming nobody has taken that URL.

to see a sample BLOG.

  • In the above example, I stuck a picture on
    You can, however, stick pictures on the BLOG directly from your computer.
    Why do I like the above procedure? It works for any picture on the Internet. You just need to know the URL.
  • If, in your BLOG, you want to CENTER your picture (or anything else!), just precede the <IMG SRC stuff with <CENTER> and succeed it with </CENTER>
    In the above example, I'd type:    
  • Although you can upload videos to your BLOG, you can also provide a link to any neat youtube videos you find.
  • This mechanism for creating links also works for links to anything you find on the Internet. Just type:

    It'll appear in your BLOG as: youtube video
    You can make any text Bold by surrounding it by <B> and </B>.
    If I do that with the youtube video link, it'll look like: youtube video
  • For other sexy things you can do, check out this or this or this.
  • In the sample BLOG, I've centered all the pictures.
    I also chose the simplest template (which one can easily change ... later):