Windows 8 stuff
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Assorted magic key combinations

Modifying the Lock Screen
To change the "standard" Lock Screen that looks like this

Right-click on the desktop and choose Screen Resolution
Make a note of the resolution (example: 1280 x 960)
then, using a paint program, make up a Lock Screen
with the appropriate size (example: 1280 x 960)

Then save your new Lock Screen in some picture folder.

Now bring up the Charms Window (that's Windows+c)
select Settings then Change PC settings:

then select Lock screen
then browse to find your new Lock Screen.
You can also change your Account picture

My Lock Screen looks like this
My Account picture looks like this

Modifying the Start Screen
Bring up the APPS List (that's Windows+q)
and right-click some icon (Example: desktop)
Decide where you want a shortcut:
(Example: Movie Maker pinned to Taskbar or Start Screen)

My Start Screen looks like
  • The Home and End keys move you to the first and last icon of the screen.
  • You can Drag the icons about to create "groups", especially moving a tile to a gap between groups.
  • The "-" icon at the lower right of the screen will zoom out. Then drag groups of icons about.
  • Right-click any icon of the Start Screen to get a list of things you can do with that app.
  • Right-click any empty part of the Start Screen to gain access to All apps.
  • Start to type some text and get a list of all apps with names that include that text.
    (Clicking the Windows key will bring you back to the Start Screen.)
  • Roll your mouse wheel to scroll left & right through the Start Screen.
  • Roll your mouse with the Ctrl key held down and resize the icons.

Modifying the Desktop
Bring up File Explorer (using Windows+x)
and right-click the icon for some App (Example: AVS4YOU)
Then add a shortcut (to the desktop):
My Desktop looks like
this (with most shortcuts in folders).

To send sound to a TV via an HDMI cable
Connect PC to TV with the HDMI cable.
Open the Control Panel (using Windows+x) and select Hardware and Sound

then select Manage audio devices
then pick the HDMI device (Example: SAMSUNG)
Note; If only the speaker icon shows up, right-click that icon to bring up a menu.

To send PC screen display to the TV via an HDMI cable
Connect PC to TV with the HDMI cable.
On Charms Window (using Windows+c), choose Devices
then Second Screen:

then Duplicate

this is the

Odds & Ends
  • Windows+F will "Find" things. Just type the name.
  • Hit the Windows key (to get to the Start Screen) then type "Store"
    Right-click and pin it to the Start Screen.
    It's great fun to shop in the Windows Store for free apps.

  • To get a slideshow, open a folder with pictures.
  • Pick Manage and Slide show

The slideshow will start at the first picture and run through them all.
To run through selected pictures, click on them while holding down the Ctrl key.
The slideshow will then run through just the pictures you selected.

If you pick a picture to Edit, after you've saved the edited picture
... you automatically get the next picture in the sequence, to edit.


To change the extension of a file:
  1. View the files
    ...being sure to display the file name extensions.
  2. Right-click and select Rename.
  3. Change the name and the extension.

More to come...