Tax Free Savings Account

Canadians now have an opportunity to invest in a TFSA with after-tax monies, but ...

>But gains ain't taxed, right?
Right. I'm not sure of the advantage(s) of such an animal ... and noted that here
Nevertheless, my wife & I got us one and that meant generating a spreadsheet to keep track.
It looks like this (for a TD/Waterhouse trading account):

>Is it useful?
For us? Yes. For others? Probably not.
However, anybuddy can click on the picture to try it out.

Note that the trading fees are built in (TD/Waterhouse). If your "Household Assets" with TD/Waterhouse exceed $100K, the fee is $9.99.
That's the reason for the "assets" cell at F1.
Otherwise there's a complicated formula. However, you can just type the Fee if'n you know it (in column E).

>There seems to be little explanation on how it works and ...
The spreadsheet is based upon this guy (where there's more explanation that you'd like to see):   myPortfolio

After a while, the spreadsheet might look like this, with "invented" data :

>To Date return of 17.6% ??
Uh ... that's the percentage gain since you started the spreadsheet (May 1, 2009) to today (Aug 1, 2009).
Annualized (CAGR), that'd be 90.4%.

This is fiction, remember?