a diary of our cruise
on the JEWEL

booked through Vacations to Go

August 13-20, 2011
built 2005, 965 ft., guests 2376

Sat Aug 13New York4:00 pm
Sun Aug 14at sea
Mon Aug 15Port Canaveralnoon10:00 pm
Tue Aug 16Great Stirrup Cay11:00 am10:00 pm
Wed Aug 17Nassau8:00 am6:00 pm
Thu Aug 18at sea
Fri Aug 19at sea
Sat Aug 20New York7:00 am
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Saturday, August 13: Arrival in New York
By 11 am we were at the pier. By noon we were in the Garden Cafe, munchng salad and my favourite: pasta Bolognese
Our room was ready by 2 pm, muster was at 3:30 pm and our luggage arrived by 4 just as the ship was leaving the pier.

While wandering about the Jewel, we noticed it was lobster night at the Tsar's Palace: lobster, red snapper, rice and vegetables.
Heidi's eyes lit up so we went at 5:30 pm (it was nearly empty) and (as usual) she asked for two lobsters but no fish.
What arrived were two complete dishes, each with lobster, rice and vegetables.

The show at the Stardust Theater was dancing, singing and a great magician/comedian from Montreal.
The crowd showed their appreciation with shouts, hoots and clapping, He was pleased and said he had made a great deal with HBO.
The crowd went wild! "Congratulations!!!"
He said: "I not only get HBO, I also get CNN, Netflix and the History Channel, all for just $19.95.

Then to the Casino slots. Unlike our Baltic cruise where Heidi's $10 lasted four days, this time it just went

Sunday, August 14: a day at sea
A relaxing day at sea: eating, reading our kindle, eating, playing cards, eating, a Latitudes party, the theater (singing/dancing)
... and the casino where, again, it was

Monday, August 15: Port Canaveral
This afternoon, a boat ride around a brackish lagoon that houses manatees, dolphins, pelicans, herons, egrets, osprey, sometime alligators
... and jillion dollar homes.
Since we didn't leave port until late, the Casino was closed ... until late.
However, we took in the Stardust Theater with a guy who could imitate trains, jackhammers, TV noises and musical instruments.
In fact, he accompanied the band with his "trumpet" and "electric guitar".
Tuesday, August 16: Great Stirrup Cay
NCL has spent $millions fixing up their private island ... and it shows !! Lots of tables and chairs and a water slide, a band and a great buffet.

Wednesday, August 17: Nassau
To avoid the crowds, noise and difficulty in finding a table (and eating less!), we decided to avoid the Garden cafe.
We'd eat every meal at Tsar's Palace.
Arrive early and it's deserted & quiet, we get a neat seat by the window, endless coffee, attentive waiters
... and did I mention that we eat less?

After breakfast we sit by the pool and watch the seagulls eat leftovers.
There's a bit of rain, but not enough to deter guests from visiting Nassau.
And the Casino? No this time ... Heidi turned $10 into $28.90.

The Stardust Theater featured that very funny comedian/magician from Montreal.
I'm still laughin'.

Breakfast at Tsar's

Guess where?

Flea market, eh?

Thursday-Friday, August 18-19: at sea
A couple of relaxing days, eating, reading, eating, playing cards, eating, Casino (where $10 went )** singing/dancing/acrobatics in the Stardust Theater ... then the Chocolate Buffet.
When we got back to our room, our steward had adorned his towel animal with my sunglasses.

** Heidi cashed in her $28.90 and started ag'in with $10.

At the Stardust Theater, the crew was introduced: officers, staff, stewards, cooks etc. etc.
The most enthusiatic response was for the "washy washy, happy happy" gals who spray your hands with disinfectant.

Saturday, August 20: New York ... again
We arrive back in New York and disembark early ... dragging all our luggage with us. We can see the parking lot on the pier at breakfast (and our car ... waiting patiently).
After a 9 hour drive we're home, we pick up Sandy ... then we relax:        
        Click here for a short youtube video.