A continuation of Part I

a diary of our
Dawn Cruise

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Saturday, November 27, 2010
At the airport, we waited, expectantly, for a nice pat down (or, at least) a neat body scan. Gerry is eager. Nothing!

Cartoon, compliments of Veronica

Lori was wearing some metallic belt and did get a refreshing feel-up.
We were all jealous of her good fortune!
We all board the plane and, at the appropriate time, the Captain starts the engines. There's a cranking sound, like a car trying to start in cold weather. That goes on for twenty minutes, then the Captain says the computer won't reset.
Huh? When my PC don't work right, I turn it off then back on ag'in.
He must have heard me 'cause he says he needs to turn the power off ... then on.
All the lights go out, then come on - and he eventually gets his computer working.
The engines start with a cloud of smoke ... and we're off, an hour late.
Though it's an uneventful flight, I'm sure I saw a hundred anxious faces and a few white knuckles.

Waiting for our flight
When we arrive in Miami, Gary (our patient shuttle driver) is waiting, packs us into his van and takes us all to the Holiday Inn on South Beach. After changing into something suited to the 80 degree weather, we quaff a few beers by the pool*, have a nice dinner then go for a long walk, during which we shop for things alcoholic.

Uh ... well, I didn't join the gang for the walk because of a recurring ailment:
That's my broken leg.
Indeed, after a day of heavy labour, I was exhausted and went straight to bed
... but I did wake up at midnight, in time to write this diary segment.

* Margrit became very animated and (I think) wanted to dance.

Dinner at the Holiday Inn

Sunday, November 28, 2010
After breakfast at the Holiday Inn, we wait for our shuttle drive to the pier. He's there at 11:30, we're at the pier at noon and in the Venetian restaurant by 1 pm, gorging ourselves on steak and chowder and ... well, not me, of course. I nibble a wee bit.
(Gotta watch my figure.)

Then we wander about to check out the ship. There's a BBQ by the pool, the theatre is empty (but Herb does a short number to test the acoustics) ... and our rooms and luggage are available by 2 pm.

The sun sets by 6 pm and we're hungry ... again!!
After dinner, the stage show was hilarious (I'm told), the casino was fun (I'm told) ... and Lori&Jay were locked in their room sampling beverages.
Did I mention that I hit the sack early?
Monday, November 29, 2010
We discover (much to our surprise) that NCL has installed them thar newfangled paperless toilets. I spent much of the day on the John.
Apologies to all Johns out there.

After breakfast, Heidi, Margrit, Gerry, Lori & I went for a long walk on the jogging track. They walked, I jogged.
But soon after I started to jog, that ailment returned and I had to retire for a much-needed nap.
However, not before I stopped by the pool for a Bahama Mama.

Then (of course!) there's lunch at the buffet. (I skipped lunch; gotta watch my figure, ya know.)

After lunch, Heidi & Margrit did a half dozen laps around the ship, Gerry did ten, Lori did eleven laps and I did at least a dozen naps.
Then (of course!) there's dinner, in the Venetian restaurant.
I backed away from the table to take a picture.
Eventually, I was sitting on a neighbour's table ... but still couldn't get everybody in.
Sorry, Brigi.
While everybody headed to the evening show, then the casino, I played with towels:

A night greeting, compliments of the maid

Gotta larn to snap-in-dark

Tuesday, November 30, 2010
It's 8 am and the first tender arrives to carry us ashore, to catch a bus to Stingray City.. While waiting for our bus, Lori lights up a cigarette and ... huh?
She does that to teach me a lesson ... and Art helps her! I respond by lighting a cigarette myself.

The Captain tells us:
"the Dawn is a ship, the tender is a boat"

Nasty Lori
Nasty Art

Recognize the brothers and Sisters ?

Our first look at a stingray: on Lori !!

The others play with the Stingrays ... I'm in charge of picture-taking.
I get some great video which will appear on YouTube - eventually. **

We then get a tour of the island, visiting a store which sells the World Famous Cayman Rum Cakes.
Our driver points out a classy condo: The entire top floor? Owned by Bill Gates," he says.
In fact, there's a huge yacht at anchor in the harbour. Bill Gates, no doubt.
After dinner (in the Aqua restaurant), we take in the evening entertainment: a magician. A jolly good show.
Then off to the Casino where Lori&Jay lose $20, Herb loses $10 and Heidi makes $1.66
Wednesday, December 1, 2010
Today, it's Cozumel, Mexico. The weather has been lousy: just sun and blue sky and ocean breezes and calm water.
What ever happened to rain or snow or morning frost? Not even a nice little hurricane to liven things up.
Oops! No sooner had Margrit&Art left for their Tulum excursion and the others has disembarked for a walk around Cozumel
... it began to rain.
Because of my ailment I stayed aboard and watched with great glee sadness as the rain-soaked guests returned to the ship.

By early afternoon the sun came out and Heidi found her Mexican prize (to match the ones she'd broken back home).

At anchor, in the mist, was the world's largest cruise ship: 5400 passengers. Mamma mia!

It dwarfed the other cruise ship sitting alongside.

a Great beer coffee mug

After dinner there was a Chocolate Buffet where everybody gorged ... 'cept me.

Then we all watched as Heidi played the slots for an hour ... on a $ten dollar bill.

Thursday, December 2, 2010
Today, our last day, is at sea ... nothing to do except EAT!

Has anybody noticed that our itinerary, pictured at the top, is in the wrong direction?

Soon, back to the Great White North:

Our room stewardess; Marcello
Then, our last lunch on the Dawn:

Goodbye Dawn
You're a good ship.

** the YouTube is here