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built 2004, refurbished 2008, 921 ft., guests 2238
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Speak Hawaiian:
Aloha: hello, goodbye, welcome or farewell
Huli Huli: a BBQ     Lanai: A porch or veranda
Luau: A Hawaiian feast     Mahalo: Thanks or Thank You
Malihini: A newcomer, tenderfoot or recent arrival
Moi Moi: Sleep     Ono ono: Absolutely delicious
Pu pu: an appetizer, snack     Wahine: a young woman or girl
Wiki: Fast and Wiki wiki: very fast

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Walking from the Queen Capiolani Hotel
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SaturdayHonolulu7:00 pm
SundayKahului Maui8:00 am
MondayKahului photos6:00 pm
TuesdayHilo8:00 am6:00 pm
WednesdayKona7:00 am6:00 pm
ThursdayNawiliwili Kauai8:00 am
FridayNawiliwili photos2:00 pm
SaturdayHonolulu Oahu photos7:00 am
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